Born in 1975,

Begin to sing at 4 years and discovered the guitar from his uncle at 7 years.
First contact pleasure strings under the fingers and dancing with a guitar.
After a sermonage and a promise, it will recover this Oakland to 18 years.


1991: Steed for the hunk from the beach, from camping to sea,
rediscovering the instrument at sixteen and plays every day at least one hour.

Create in dilettante without taking music lessons (can not read musical notation).


1992 - 1995:

After spending several bands, selected composing alone.



Creates the "Project 696" and "696music" in reference to the song
"If Six Was Nine" by Jimi Hendrix.

DJ replacing in the Teknival, Section Jungle,
DRUMssss & BASSssss.


1999: Meet and jam with FADI BELA, "SLAVE OF JAH",
BILL MAO AND "THE BURNING COMBO" (It will make flyers for concerts).


2003: Works on the "EYEZ" project as guitarist,
under the direction of producer - sound engineer, Laïko Traoré,
in the studios of Rap band "LA BRIGADE".


2009: "CAHADOC", ephemeral acoustic group of nordic and tropical inspiration.


2015: Laying on his guitar to Pygallion, song of "PHILJES One".


2015: Abandonment of "Project 696" and reincarnation in "TIGER Dee Dee".


2016: First album - "OUT OF THE FOREST".


2020: Second album as Baby Tiger - "COUNTRY ROAD 696".



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